Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for The World Around

We all use natural resources for our business from the world around us with no capacity to regenerate the same. Reducing quantity of all such essential natural resources will make the world and environment difficult to live in for our coming generations.

At Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt. Ltd. (RBE) we understand that "what we cannot create, we must preserve" and hence we have incorporated sustainably as a part of our ethos and our culture. Extending our ethos to execution, we have taken care of different sustainability issues related to environment, our employees, community and our stake holders while designing and defining our policies.

Reducing Natural Adulteration

We at RBE try to conduct our manufacturing practice and product development in a way that minimizes adverse effects on environment. We take ample care that each manufacturing process generates minimum amount of hazardous byproducts.

All hazardous byproducts are properly treated before released in to open environment and thus minimizing the risk of adulteration in our natural resources like water, air, soil etc.

Supporting Green for Growth

"Global Warming" is also one of the areas of concern. We try to maintain lush green campus and foliage within our premises which has been planned and designed by industry experts. This initiative helps us in many different ways to drive the overall working environment towards positivity.

"Green" reduces air and noise pollution at first. It also increases Oxygen level in the environment which indeed helps our human capital to stay fresh and healthy and thus helping the community which is serving our company.

Win-Win Business Integration

RBE also supports its suppliers, service providers and stake holders as a responsible organization. We strongly believe in transparent business practice with our suppliers and our clients world over.

Our business strategies are based on our values of "ethical & integrated business practice" as we believe in goal congruence and hence always strive to operate at "win-win" situation. This helps us in growing our business as well as makes our partners satisfied with their partnership with RBE.