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PVC Blood Pouch and Medical Tube Lines


Rajoo Bausano offers RBMD series twin screw extruders and RBTM series single screw extruders for the extrusion of medical tubes with OD range upto 30mm and with max output of 130kg/hr. The die head is connected to the extruder by means of conical triple jaws and adjustment jack which facilitates easy and quick opening and cleaning. The medical tube line consists of stainless steel cooling tank, take-off unit for accurate and soundless pulling, automatic winders for conveying the product at high speeds.

RBE designs and manufactures complete lines for the extrusion of tubular films for PVC medical pouches with width ranging from 80mm to 400mm and with max output 130kg/hr. The line consists of RBMD series extruder, special die- head, calibrating system, calendaring device, lateral trim device and a variety of application-dependent winders.

RBMD series of extruders are equipped with MULTIDRIVE transmission system and special screws suitably designed to guarantee high production rates, absolute thermal and plastification stability resulting in homogeneous PVC dispersion.


Storage and conveying blood and organic liquids.

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