Open House recording to Open House 2021 | 22nd October,2021 | Flowex | Granulex
Rajoo Engineers to Open House - 2020 | 24th August,2020 | Flowex | Granulex
Pvc pipe line 800
PVC profile line
Building Pvc Profile
Wpc Profile Line
Rigid PVC granulation line
Bausano Md170 Nextmover Configuration: Pvc Granulation
R-PVC Crystal Grade Granulation Line - MD 158-21
Line for medical tubes and pockets
Bausano Single Screw Extruder TM 60/30
Bausano Masterbatch Extrusion Line
E-GO Special Configuration for 2-layer PVC hose
Bausano Flexible PVC Medical Tubes
E-GO Single Screw Extruder for technical profiles
ABS+PC Electrical Duct - Bausano E-GO 60/25 Single Screw Extruder
Rigid PVC Granulation Line- MD 92/30