PVC Wire and cables
PVC Wire and cables


Tools for tomorrow's industry

From the very beginning, we have given up any reasoning in terms of standards, and constantly opened ourselves up to renewal with enthusiasm, a desire to improve and with our mind always turned towards the future.

This has led us to overcome our limits, developing pioneering solutions over time capable not only of increasing the efficiency of the machines, but also of improving the working conditions of people. Today, the challenge is sustainability.

A difficult, urgent challenge that affects everyone, especially those working in this industry. Every effort must be focused on reducing our impact on the environment, starting with limiting waste and energy consumption and continuing through the promotion of research and the use of sustainable materials.

Polywood Technology

PVC Wire and cables Polywood Technology

POLYWOOD technique is based on two features: possibility to extrude the profile directly from the raw material, but also using the local raw material, without formulation constraints.

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Multidrive System

PVC Wire and cables Multidrive System

We devised a revolutionary completely unpublished transmission system, Multidrive System, to guarantees great durability and optimal performance for any type of extrusion line.

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Smart Energy System

PVC Wire and cables Smart Energy System

The system, turns the steel barrel itself into a resistance heater by generating electrical eddy currents in the metal near the outer surface of the barrel tube.

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Energy consumption

PVC Wire and cables Energy consumption

Energy consumption represents an important percentage of our countries overall energy absorption. How do you translate these data into business terms?

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