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Rajoo Bausano Extrusion Pvt. Ltd.


WPC Door Frame & WPC Sheet - Multidrive Transmission System

Patented Multidrive Gearbox

Multidrive is a revolutionary transmission system with enormous advantages in terms of the durability and performance of the extruder.

Multi-Drive system with multi-stage thrust bearing system gives threefold increase in the dynamic load. to absorb the increase in load deriving from the high production levels without problems and elimination of torsional stresses on the driving shafts.

Screw Thermocontrol unit with silicon oil

It maintains the precise screw temperature by Silicone Oil circulation and provides gentle and efficient plastification of the material.

Screw thermo con-trol unit useful to cater wide range of applications, better processability and better product quality.

Screw thermo con-trol unit
WPC Door Frame & WPC Sheet - Thrust bearing load cell with two alaram stage


RBMD extruders are equipped with load cell.

Back pressure is controlled by load cell which is extremely beneficial to run high torque formulations.

This also displays the back pressure and audio-visual alarm for 2 stages can be set.


The Variable Frequency inverter is used to power Multidrive transmission system.

It does not need expensive and fragile synchronization system. It op-erates nearly unit power factor.

The average absorbed power for the Multi drive is less. which saves about 40, of energy.

WPC Door Frame & WPC Sheet - Energy Efficient Line
WPC Door Frame & WPC Sheet - Vacuum Sizing tank


Vacuum Sizing tank and inner water distribution channels are made of stain-less steel for high corrosion resistance and long useful life. The tanks utilized closed water circuit, through an efficient heat exchanger that minimizes water consumption.

An advanced and automatic vacuum control system, which maintains con-stant value of vacuum by means of inverters. The Vacuum tank can be adjusted in three axial direction and the motorized longitudinal movement allows fast and precise positioning during the processing operations.