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PVC fitting granules

PVC Compounding Lines - (GRANULEX)

Rajoo Bausano's granulating system accommodates the requirements of different polymers to be processed. GRANULEX line consists of extruder, die, automatic screen changer (for reprocessed material), die face cutting system/water palletizer & pallets cooling unit.

Rajoo Bausano's extruder consists of patented design "MULTIDRIVE" system which ensures longer life of gearbox and is energy efficient. Output ranges from 200 kg/hr to 3000 kg/hr.

Granulation die heads are designed to assure optimum polymer flow through the die plate. The quick - clamp permits rapid cleaning for reduced downtime. Die plates of nitrided steel are available in various designs to suit the material to be processed

Rajoo Bausano offers granulation lines for PVC with hot die face cutting systems comprising pellet cutter with drive and safety guards, recirculating air systems and insulated blower. Cutting blade speed is controlled by variable frequency drive. The blades operate at reduced knife�s surface temperatures thus preventing the decomposition of the material. RBE offers water ring palletizer & pallet cooling unit for polyolefin material.

Cut pellets are conveyed through stainless steel piping to the cooler which includes a chilled cyclone for separation of the pellets from conveying air and fumes. The granules are cooled on inclined drilled stainless steel plate by forced air circulation generated by AC air blower fitted to the base of the machine. Granules separator installed on the discharge outlet having adjustable with interchangeable nets.


Rigid and Soft granules to cater wire & cable, medical, automobile, food packaging, building & construction, toys & novelties industries.

  • Wire & Cable : telecom, automotive, electrical, house wiring, soft insulation, sheathing
  • Footwear : shoe sole, uppers, insoles, unit soles, slippers, straps,
  • Medical : oxygen mask, IV- Tubes, regulators, blood bags, urine bags, glucose bags, disposable tubes
  • Automobile : Petrol tubes, profiles, co extrusion strap, hoses for fuel & oils, gaskets, sleeves, door & window profiles and sliding
  • Food & packaging : bottles, blister packaging films, crown caps
  • Building & Construction : window profile, weather stripping, conduit, pipes, window frames, garden hose, tubes, PVC/SPC flooring, WPC Door, PVC door, WPC sheet, PVC Laminate, Table/Cabinet/Wall, table cover, shower curtains and room black-out curtains.
  • Toys & Novelties, bookbinding, garden hose pipe, handbags, luggage, Advertising sheet material for printing/decorative.
  • Thermoplastic rubber
  • Masterbatches
  • Recycled plastics